The Conflict with Renamo, 1976-1992
«February 1983»

Dossier MZ-0020


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36. «Com a mesma violência revolucionária, punir bandidos, punir candongueiros!»

Page of photographs on Chibuto meeting

Above: A page of photographs about the threat of black-marketeering from the Sunday newspaper Domingo, published just after the Chibuto meeting announcing that economic sabotage was to be harshly punished. Click here for a gallery of pictures of the rally.

There was a clear hardening of the Frelimo Party government's stance towards the MNR/Renamo rebellion in the early months of 1983. It had first been manifested in January by the public summary executions of captured rebels (see previous page). In a speech at Chibuto in the middle of February, President Samora Machel announced that black-marketeers (candongueiros) were to be considered as equivalent to "bandidos" and were to receive the same harsh punishments as armed MNR rebels. A new law (5/83) was passed to permit flogging, and in April several offenders, including a smuggler, were publicly executed by firing squad.

The British Sunday newspaper The Observer reported that a British mercenary, Lt. Alan Gingles, aged 27, had been serving in the South African army, without resigning his British commission, and had been killed while trying to blow up a Mozambican railway line in a sabotage operation. The British shipping agent Dion Hamilton, involved in the smuggling of arms through Beira airport, received a 20 year jail sentence.


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