The Conflict with Renamo, 1976-1992
«August 1988»

Dossier MZ-0020


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102. US Businesses Provide Renamo with Computer and Comms Equipment

Two FPLM soldiers with bazooka

Above: Two government (FPLM) soldiers in an informal photograph, one carrying a bazooka, apparently in a relaxed mood.

Newsweek journalist Spencer Reiss flew into Renamo's base area and filed a report headlined "Heart of Darkness", which included mention of Nick de la Casa, at that time still being held captive by the rebels for attempting to make a film about them. De la Casa was eventually released, but was killed in Iraq a few years later. The trip was organised by an extremist right-wing US organisation called "Freedom Inc.", and the journalists (including John Battersby of the New York Times) took off from Johannesburg.

Deolinda Guezimane, a deputy in the Assembleia Popular and a former head of the women's organisation, the OMM, criticised the International Red Cross for flying supplies into Renamo-held areas, and called for a clear statement of government policy on the matter.

The FPLM's offensive in Zambézia had the effect of pushing Renamo groups northwards into Nampula, where they began to attack transport routes.


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