The Conflict with Renamo
«July 1984»

Dossier MZ-0020


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53. South Africa's Unkept Promises

Propaganda sketch

Above: Another of the front page motivational drawings published by Notícias (see the MHN page in this series for May 1984). This one appeared on the front page on 10 July. The slogan says "Let every Mozambican be a soldier in the struggle against hunger and the gangsters".

Despite the terms of the Nkomati Accord, signed in March, the South African apartheid regime made no serious effort to keep its end of the bargain by ending its logistical and other forms of support for Renamo. In July, over three months after the Accord was signed, Renamo activity showed no signs of abating. The Mozambican government continued its practice of parading captured Renamo fighters in front of large crowds, and in interviews published in the newspapers several of the prisoners claimed that they had been press-ganged into the movement, but were unable to flee and were forced to fight.

The government also reported the destruction of 93 Renamo camps in the first six months of the year, with 1,220 Renamo fighters killed and 10,000 people freed from areas controlled by the movement. Other camps were reported destroyed towards the end of the month. Meanwhile, the "Resistência" in its turn claimed to have freed over 6,000 people from six different government-run "re-education centres" over the previous four years.


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