The Conflict with Renamo, 1976-1992
«March 1986»

Dossier MZ-0020


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73. Casa Banana Retaken by the MNR/Renamo in Major Setback

Refugee women

Above: Refugee women with their infants in Mapulanguene, in the district of Magude, in Maputo province.

In a major setback that reportedly created some tensions between the Zimbabwean and Mozambican armed forces, Renamo succeeded in retaking their "Casa Banana" base in the Gorongosa mountains, which was taken in a joint operation in late 1985. The publication of captured documents detailing ongoing South African logistical support for Renamo was a major public relations coup for the Mozambican government at the time.

A short unpublished report written in English detailed Renamo's strategy of targeting foreigners. Between 1981 and February 1986, 105 foreigners were victims of MNR attacks, of whom 34 were murdered, 66 were abducted, and five were wounded. Of the people who were kidnapped, 61 were either freed (mainly on Malawian territory) or rescued by the FPLM. Of the total number involved, 43 were Portuguese citizens, and 12 were priests or nuns.


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