The Conflict with Renamo, 1976-1992
«May 1988»

Dossier MZ-0020


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99. Zambian Army Dragged into Conflict; US Senators Ask for UN Investigation into MNR

Villager mutilated by Renamo

Above: This man, named only as Domingos, was a victim of MNR brutality, having had his nose and lips, as well as his left hand, hacked off.

Multiple reports confirmed the Zambian armed forces having been involved in clashes with Renamo groups after cross-border incursions by the rebels. In one incident, after Renamo had attacked a village some three km. inside Zambia, the security forces pursued them for 20 km. into Mozambique, killing 73 of the rebels and recovering 24 head of cattle.

In the aftermath of the publication of the State Department's "Gersony Report", 35 members of the US Senate asked the United Nations to open an official investigation into Renamo atrocities. The group included 15 Republicans and 20 Democrats.

Renamo guerrillas developed a new sabotage technique, namely setting fire to railway sleepers (also known as railroad ties or crossties) in order to make lines of rail unsafe and to slow down maintenance work; this was particularly easy if the sleeper was old and cracked.


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