The Conflict with Renamo, 1976-1992
«February 1986»

Dossier MZ-0020


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72. Mozambican Helicopter Gunship Crashes at Marromeu, Killing Crew

Above: A Soviet-made Mil Mi-25 helicopter gunship of the type lost in the accident at Marromeu. These aircraft were nicknamed "flying tanks" by some of their pilots and crews. Photo: Igor Dvurekov,

MNR rebels ambushed a goods train as it crossed the Swaziland (present-day Eswatini)-Mozambique border, killing a driver and wounding another member of the crew. Swaziland was a source of recruits for the movement, which press-ganged illegal Mozambican labour migrants into joining their ranks.

The Tribunal Militar Revolucionário – Mozambique's draconian military tribunal – sentenced four captured MNR members to death and imposed lengthy jail terms of up to 18 years on several others.

The Estado-Maior General issued a communiqué announcing that one of its helicopters had crashed in Marromeu, apparently killing all on board. The helicopter was a Soviet/manufactured Mil Mi-25, capable of carrying eight passengers as well as crew, and was first used in combat in the Ogaden war of 1977-1978 between Ethiopia and Somalia. It was used worldwide by nearly 60 different aIr forces


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