The Conflict with Renamo, 1976-1992
«June 1992»

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148. UN Report on Use of Chemical Agents in January Attack

UN Report on Chemical Warfare

Above: The report on the possible use of chemical agents in a Renamo attack in January was published in June, but did not come to a firm conclusion.

A three-person team of experts appointed by the UN to examine evidence of the use of chemical agents in an attack in January 1992 published a report. The experts concluded that "The effect … was consistent with the use of an atropine-like chemical warfare agent and also with severe heat stress … In the current absence of analytical data, we cannot conclude that a chemical warfare agent was used in the attack … A considerable delay occurred between the attack and the investigation being mounted. For this reason, it may not be possible to detect traces of agent if a chemical warfare agent had been used in the attack. Meanwhile, various Renamo attacks resulted in 15, 60, 26, and 5 deaths, as well as kidnappings. The rebels resumed attacks on railway lines, and attempted without success to capture Chibuto in Gaza province. A group of nine different Catholic missionary orders issued a statement blaming both Renamo and the government for "crimes against the people".


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