The Conflict with Renamo, 1976-1992
«October 1985»

Dossier MZ-0020


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68. Mozambique Publishes Extracts
from the «Gorongosa Documents»

Cover of Casa Banana documents

Above: Click on the image of the cover to download a PDF scan of the 108-page collection of documents captured at Casa Banana, demonstrating ongoing South African support for Renamo in violation of the Nkomati Accord.

The Mozambican Minister of Security, Sérgio Vieira, presented seized documents from the capture of Renamo's Gorongosa base at a press conference in Maputo. The documents revealed not only that the SADF's Col. Charles van Niekerk acted as the main liaison between Renamo and its South African support, but that there were serious tensions within the rebel movement itself (the killings of Orlando Cristina in April 1983 and of the Bomba brothers some months later were also early wanring signs of ongoing power struggles).

In mid-month, the SADF's top commander, Gen. Constand Viljoen, claimed at a news conference in Pretoria that the Gorongosa documents had been cleverly falsified by Soviet experts, and were examples of distortion "for propaganda purposes". There had been "no breaches of the spirit" of the Nkomati Accord, he said.


Click on the yellow folder image below to download an unsorted zipped archive of documents and press clippings in PDF format concerning the conflict between the Mozambican government and the MNR/Renamo in October 1985.

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