A Mulher na Transformação da Sociedade: Página Quinzenal da Organização da Mulher Moçambicana

Página da Mulher (OMM)

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the Maputo daily newspaper Notícias dedicated the whole of page two on alternating Mondays to a collection of articles described as "The Fortnightly Page of the Organisation of the Mozambican Woman" under the heading "Women in the Transformation of Society". MHN has 25 scanned images of these pages, namely nos.35-41, 43-45, 48-49, 51-56, and 60-66, published between 16 July 1979 and 18 May 1981. The topics covered varied widely within what might be described as the Frelimo Party's rather narrow concept of topics of interest to women, but included contacts with foreign women's organisations (e.g. from the German Democratic Republic), organisational information about the OMM's activities around the country, and material on, for example, the importance of women working in the cashew industry..


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