The Conflict with Renamo, 1976-1992
«July-August 1981»

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18. Two Spies Escape; Captured MNR
Fighters Describe Their Experiences

Dangerous spies

Two ‘spies’ with military rank escaped from prison in unexplained circumstances, and public appeals were made in the Mozambican press for assistance in their recapture. The two men were described as dangerous. Several captured or surrendered MNR fighters were presented to the press, and described the conditions within the rebel movement, including ongoing South African support - this was dismissed in Pretoria as mere propaganda. Some of the former fighters also mentioned their disillusionment with the MNR for its lack of coherent ideology or policy objectives.


MHN Resources

14 July 1981
Rebels claim SA aided fight against Maputo. Rand Daily Mail [Johannesburg], 14 July 1981. Captured MNR testify to the press in Maputo that they were kidnapped from a re-education centre and sent for training. The claims are dismissed by the SADF as 'propaganda'. Click here to view or download a PDF, size 53 kb.

17 July 1981
Mozambique dissident movement’s claims. Summary of World Broadcasts [London], 17 July 1981. Click here to view or download a PDF, size 98 kb.

19 July 1981
África Livre lança do regime do apartheid: elementos do grupo entregam-se às FPLM. Tempo [Maputo], no.562, 19 July 1981, p.10-12. Testimony from five former MNR members that they abandoned the movement because of its lack of coherent political objectives. Click here to view or download a PDF, size 381 kb.

20 July 1981
Poen de Villiers. Mozambique preparing for attack by S[outh] A[frica]. Citizen [Johannesburg], 20 July 1981. Click here to view or download a PDF, size 246 kb.

26 July 1981
Espiões evadidos: Ministério da Segurança lança apelo para captura. Notícias [Maputo], 26 July 1981, p.3. The escapees were Lt.-Col. Jossias Ressamo Dlakama and Lt.-Col. Fernandes Baptista. Click here to view or download a PDF, size 105 kb.

2 August 1981
Evadidos perigosos espiões: apelo para a captura. Tempo [Maputo], no.564, 2 August 1981, p.9. This story had already been reported in Notícias on 26 July. The rumour was that they had been trained in unarmed combat. They overcame and killed their armed guards and fled. Click here to view or download a PDF, size 122 kb.


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