Sport in Mozambique, 1981-1996

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Dossier MZ-0618

This archive includes a small selection of thirty or so items on sport in Mozambique, including newspaper articles on boxing in colonial Mozambique, interviews with such figures as Joaquim Carvalho, Cara Alegre, João Cunha, Vicente, Mário Coluna and Lurdes Mutola, a discussion in several parts from the mid-1980s about professionalism in football, and some reports on the Frelimo-organised II Reunião Sobre Desporto in January 1984, which was presided over by Marcelino dos Santos.


Capa do livro

Above: The cover of a collection on African sport published in Rio de Janeiro in 2010, which contains the essay by Nuno Domingos "Desporto moderno e situações coloniais: o caso do futebol em Lourenço Marques".


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Consolidated Downloadable Zipped Files

Click on the yellow folder image below to download an unsorted zipped archive of 30 plus documents and press clippings in PDF format concerning on various aspects of sport in colonial and post-independence Mozambique.


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