The Conflict with Renamo, 1976-1992
«January-March 1980»

Dossier MZ-0020


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11. The Voz da África Livre Closes Down

The Rhodesian-MNR propaganda radio station Voz da África Livre, nicknamed Rádio Quizumba or ‘Radio Hyena’ by the Mozambican media, finally stopped broadcasting on 15 February, in the run-up to Zimbabwe’s independence elections. The transitional British governor’s office informed the Mozambican authorities on 9 February that the station would close down. Mozambique had been pressing the British to take this step since the signing of the Lancaster House agreement on 21 December 1979.

To hear a brief introductory extract from a poorly recorded Voz da África Livre broadcast, click here.


MHN Resources

12 January 1980
Agentes perdoados pelo povo revelam as marcas da Quizumba. Notícias [Maputo], 12 January 1980. Click here to view or download a PDF, size 726 kb.

13 January 1980
Eles vivem a roubar e matar populações indefesas: elementos capturados e desertores das fileiras do inimigo relatam experiências. Tempo [Maputo], no.483, 13 January 1980, p.12-15. Click here to view or download a PDF, size 749 kb.

17 February 1980
Rádio Quizumba perdeu a voz. Tempo [Maputo], 17 February 1980, p.4. Click here to view or download a PDF, size 45 kb.

28 February 1980
Provenientes da Rodésia, agentes treinados pelo Special Branch neutralizados pela vigilância popular. Notícias [Maputo], 28 February 1980. Click here to view or download a PDF, size 753 kb.


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