The Conflict with Renamo, 1976-1992
«January 1982»

Dossier MZ-0020


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23. «O MNR por Dentro»

MNR/Renamo propaganda

Above: An MNR propaganda drawing from 1981: the caption reads "Frelimo steals from the Mozambican people".

The Maputo daily newspaper Notícias published a three-part series by the journalist and translator Migueis Lopes Júnior entitled «The MNR from the Inside", with a heavy emphasis on the fact that the rebel movement had been created by the Rhodesians and then taken over by the South Africans after Zimbabwean independence. A pamphlet issued by what seems to have been a kind of MNR youth wing, JUMO (Juventude Moçambicana) was circulated, attacking the Frelimo Party is vitriolic language and calling for Samora Machel to be hanged. A South African newspaper carried a report announcing a "New Year's upsurge" in the MNR's "guerrilla and sabotage campaign aimed at destabilising the Marxist government", attributing the report to sources in Zimbabwe. There was also speculation that Domingos Arouca's FUMO might throw its weight behind the MNR.


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