The Conflict with Renamo, 1976-1992
«February 1983»

Dossier MZ-0020


1977 1978 September 1981


36-a. «Com a mesma violência revolucionária, punir bandidos, punir candongueiros!»


Stolen goods

Above: Various types of goods that were stolen by the MNR from the local population and then recovered by the FPLM, on display during the meeting in Chibuto.

Captured MNR

Above: Captured MNR waiting under armed guard to be presented to the crowd at the Chibuto rally.

The crowd at the Chibuto rally

Above: A photograph of the large crowd at the Chibuto rally, including, at the rear, some children, and standing, a couple of uniformed soldiers. Typically, people were not permitted to leave these gatherings once they had assembled. The large banner reads "Down With the Armed Bandits".

 Captured MNR

Above: A rear shot of the same group of MNR, apparently standing on raised ground, and showing the size of the crowd.


Above: A nervous-looking black-marketeer or candongueiro being hustled away in front of the crowd. Speculative trading at inflated prices was a major problem in socialist Mozambique, especially when goods were in short supply, and the government was never really able to suppress it.

Hoarded goods

Above: Black-marketeers often controlled large quantities of essential goods, as this picture shows, and were able to raise prices by limiting the supply that was marketed.