The Conflict with Renamo, 1976-1992
«September 1985»

Dossier MZ-0020


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66a. The Capture of Casa Banana:
Picture Gallery

FPLM helicopters

Above: Helicopters of the Mozambican armed forces used during President Samora Machel's inspection visit to Casa Banana, the captured Renamo base in the Gorongosa mountains.

Bundles of captured Renamo weaponry

Above: Bundles of light armaments captured from the Renamo fighters with the fall of Casa Banana.

Heavy weaponry – artillery pieces – hidden amongst the trees.

Above: Heavy weaponry – artillery pieces – hidden amongst the trees at Casa Banana.

Cartoon from Die Burger

Above: A cartoon from the Afrikaans newspaper Die Burger depicting government embarrassment at the turn of events in September.

Renamo motorcycles

Above: Motorcycles were used by Renamo commanders, and there are photographs of e.g. Calisto Meque as well as Afonso Dhlakama posing on motor bikes.

Machel and generator

Above: President Samora Machel during his visit, inspecting a generator.

Machel talks to soldiers

Above: President Samora Machel talking to Zimbabwean soldiers. The radical British journalist Michael Wolfers, then working for Radio Mozambique, can be seen in the background, second from right.