The Conflict with Renamo, 1976-1992
«September 1983»

Dossier MZ-0020


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43a. MNR Prisoners Paraded
at Public Rally in Maxixe

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The ostensible reason for the large and much-publicised rally in Maxixe was as part of a series of celebrations of President Samora Machel's 50th birthday.

Maxixe rally, 1983

Above and below: Local residents on their way to the rally, with banners declaring their desire to "punish the bandits and guarantee the well-being of the people" and "We are resolute in the struggle against the bandits in the sector of production".

 Maxixe rally, 1983

Maxixe rally, 1983

Above: A group of captured MNR prisoners were displayed to the crowd from the back of two lorries.

Captured weapons

Above and below: The FPLM captured booty, including weapons and such goods as bicycles from the MNR camps and bases that they overran in Inhambane in August and September.

Bicycles stolen by MNR

Dancers, Maxixe, 1983

Above: The rally included elements of entertainment such as traditional dancers.

Pascoal Zandamela

Above: Pascoal Zandamela , provincial first secretary of the Partido Frelimo and governor of Inhambane province presided over the comício in Maxixe.

FPLM soldiers, 1983

Above: Groups of heavily-armed FPLM soldiers were present to guarantee the security of the event.