Marcelino dos Santos, 1929-2020

Dossier MZ-0033

Photographic Gallery

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Marcelino in Rome

Marcelino in Rome

Marcelino in Rome

Marcelino in Rome

Above: Four photographs of Marcelino dos Santos during his visit to Rome in 1970, when, together with Agostinho Neto of Angola and Amílcar Cabral of Guiné, he was granted an audience with the Pope. Photographs: Augusta Conchiglia.

Marcelino with Amílcar Cabral

Above: Marcelino dos Santos (right) with Amílcar Cabral of the PAIGC (left), in Rome, 1970. Both were attending a solidarity conference, and together with Agostinho Neto, were granted an audience with the Pope. Photograph: Augusta Conchiglia.

Marcelino with Neto

Above: Marcelino dos Santos (right) with Agostinho Neto (1922-1979), president of the MPLA from 1956 until his death, and first president of independent Angola. Photograph: Augusta Conchiglia.

Marcelino in Algiers

Above: Marcelino (right) at the Non-Aligned Summit in Algiers, September 1973, with Aquino de Bragança (centre) and Pietro Petrucci (left). Photograph: Gianfranco Giuliani for Sygma.

Marcelino with Pietro Petrucci, à Mogadiscio

Above: Marcelino with the Italian journalist Pietro Petrucci in Petrucci's house in Mogadishu, Somalia, at the time of an OAU summit. The title of the newspaper on the arm of the chair, only partially readable, is in fact L'Étoile d'Octobre, which was founded and edited by Petrucci. Photograph: Gianfranco Giuliani.

Marcelino dos Santos (Camerapix)Marcelino with Fernando Honwana

Above: Two photographs from mid-1976. On the left, Marcelino at a conference listening to a translation (Camerapix); on the right, Marcelino with Fernando Honwana.

Marcelino with Noemia

Above: Two poets embrace. Marcelino greets the Mozambican poet Noémia de Sousa (Carolina Noémia Abranches de Sousa, 1926-2003) in Maputo during her 1983 visit at the invitation of the Associação de Escritores Moçambicanos (AEMO). She spent most her adult life in exile.