The Conflict with Renamo
1982: Armas para o Povo

Dossier MZ-0020

Arming the Povo

Above and Below: In mid-1982, there were reports in Mozambican newspapers that a policy of arming the workers and the general population for their own self-defence was being adopted. In the picture above a soldier is seen handing a weapon to a civilian, and in the picture below an armed woman is participating in what appears to be a drill or training exercise. Both photographs from the Maputo daily Notícias.

Woman with Gun


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22 April 2017


Consolidated Downloadable Monthly Zipped Files

Zipped archives of documents relating to the armed conflict between the Mozambican government and RENAMO, for 1982. Click on the yellow folders to download the zipped file.

January Zip File February Zip File February Zip File

Above: The archive for January 1982 (9 documents, 1.5 Mb.) includes a three-part series entitled "A MNR por Dentro" by Miguéis Lopes Júnior. The archive for February (9 documents, 797 kb.) covers some reports of MNR attacks, and the one for March 1982 (12 documents, 2.4 Mb.) includes a 14-page analysis of the MNR, in English, by Alves Gomes and Paul Fauvet, published by the news agency AIM.

April Zip File May Zip File June Zip File

Above: The archive for April (7 files, 302 kb.) includes a report on Adriano Bomba testifying at a US Congressional hearing on "Soviet-backed terrorism in Southern Africa"; the archive for May (21 files, 3.0 Mb.) includes several reports on the release of the kidnapped British ecologist John Burlison, and the archive for June (37 files, 12.7 Mb.) contains a wide range of reports and analyses from Mozambican and other sources.

July Zip File August Zip File September Zip File

Above: The archive for July (20 files, 2.8 Mb.) includes a seven-part series from Notícias under the title “Morte aos Bandidos que Nos Querem Matar” (the first article ia missing). The archive for August (25 items, 3.3 Mb.) includes reports on the kidnapping of the Italian priest, Giuseppe Alessandro, and the destruction of the MNR base at Chitequeteque in Sofala. The September collection (32 documents, 4.5 Mb.) includes several reports that Adriano Bomba, formerly a Mozambican airforce pilot, has left the employ of the SADF and had joined the MNR (Renamo). Six Bulgarians had also been kidnapped.

October Zip File November Zip File December Zip File

Above: The archive for October (26 documents, 2.7 Mb.) includes reports of more kidnappings of foreigners (Portuguese technicians in this case), as well as a two-page spread from Domingo under the headline “Povo responde com armas aos bandidos armados de Pretória. The November archive (13 items, 1.0 Mb.) includes an item reporting that the Portuguese technicians had been released, and said they ate rats and rotten meat during their ordeal. The Bulgarians were also released. The December archive (14 documents, 2.1 Mb.) contains several reports of an attack in the Beira oil tanks, and the news that two French engineers had been captured by the MNR on the last day of the year.